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  • The Cleansing Foam Freshness softly cleanses combination to oily skins as a cloud of purity. Skin is clear, fresh and delicately perfumed. Combination to oily skins Pump flask 150 ml

    £ 17.02
  • This cleansing brush helps the removal of impurities for more efficient and gentle cleansing. Its dense and ultra-soft fibers are treated with antibacterial charcoal to minimize the proliferation of microorganisms.

    £ 14.17
  • The Correcting Serum is formulated from witch hazel hydrolate with astringent and purifying properties that help firm and smooth skin texture. The skin is radiant and fresh, the complexion is purified. Combination to oily skins Bottle 30ml

    £ 35.97
  • The Rebalancing Fluid is the ally of combination to oily skin: its light texture penetrates immediately and becomes imperceptible. Combination to oily skins Tube 50 ml

    £ 24.09
  • The secret to radiant, glowing skin, Huile Précieuse Éclat is a complex of natural oils that improves the quality of the skin’s appearance. Its ultra-delicate texture melds perfectly with the skin without leaving behind an oily sensation 30ml dropper to deliver the “perfect dose"

    £ 38.96
  • Huile Précieuse Nutrition envelops the skin in a luxurious sensation of softness. Gentle enough for sensitive skin types, its rich texture softens and comforts extremely dry skin.  30ml dropper to deliver the “perfect dose"

    £ 38.96
  • A powerful elixir of youthfulness for the skin, Huile Précieuse Jeunesse helps fight against the visible signs of aging.  Its delicate texture composed of natural oils is perfectly suited to the needs of mature skin.  30ml dropper to deliver the “perfect dose"

    £ 38.96
  • This Cleansing Hand Gel cleans express hands, refreshing at any time. The hands are subtly scented.Nomad mini format 20 ml

    £ 1.80
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