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  • You’ll be captivated by the original texture of « Eau Lactée », which is between a lotion and a cream. This highly precise makeup remover deep cleans your skin to rid of toxins and impurities. It refreshes, cleans and removes makeup without having to rinse your face. Bottle-Pump 100ml/3.4 fl.oz

    £ 18.00
  • This cleansing gel gently removes makeup and impurities. Its creamy lather leaves your skin clean and fresh. Bottle 200ml/6.7 fl.oz

    £ 14.50
  • Face Lotion « Eau fraîche de Rose » is obtained from distilling rose petals. It’s naturally full of active ingredients that make it the perfect beauty treatment for toning, soothing and refreshing all types of skin. The lotion mild action is particularly indicated for sensitive skins; it erases signs of tiredness and makes your skin glow with new...

    £ 18.00
  • Composed of a complex of exceptional oils, this day care helps you keep your skin more supple, comfortable and deeply nourished. Jar 50ml/1.7 fl.oz

    £ 35.00
  • Based on a rich formula that intensively restores skin during the night and made with exceptional activators, this cream is perfect for all skins, even the most sensitive. It revives glow and provides comfort when you awake in the morning. Skin is rested, revived and full of energy to meet the new day. Jar 50ml/1.7 fl.oz

    £ 32.00
  • Enriched with sweet almond oil and shea butter, this mask to the creamy texture provides your skin with the nutrients necessary for its comfort and rebalancing the hydrolipidic film. Nourished and revitalized, the skin regains its suppleness and softness. Bottle-Pump 100ml/3.4 fl.oz

    £ 26.00
  • « Action Jeunesse » (Youth Action) care is designed for the skin of women over thirty. It ensure moisturizing action and provides rose activators to help prevent the appearance of early wrinkles. This complete treatment contains UV protection and vitamin E to neutralize free radicals that are a factor in premature skin aging. Bottle-Pump 40ml/1.35 fl.oz

    £ 31.00
  • This concentrated treatment features a rich, multi-action formula with a botox-like effect. It contains peptides that give the skin a more youthful and relaxed look. Water and rose oil slow the effect of aging and supply the skin with the restorative energy it requires. Bottle-Pump 40ml/1.35 fl.oz

    £ 41.00
  • Nutri-Lift serum provides an immediate effect, leaving the skin soft and comfortable thanks to its exceptional trio oils - oil Shea, Argan oil and Rose oil. The skin is deeply nourished and regains the radiance of his youth. Its light texture and not greasy substance on contact with the skin. Bottle-Pump 40ml/1.35 fl.oz

    £ 38.00
  • This eye contour, smoothes the look by refreshing it and relieving any congestion with only one touch. Its ball rubs and drains leaving a feeling of freshness and stimulates skin microcirculation of the delicate eye area. Roll-on 15ml/0.5 fl.oz

    £ 23.00
  • Face Lotion « Eau Douce de Rose » is obtained from distilling rose petals. Specially formulated for the most fragile skin, it is naturally high in soothing active ingredients.Bottle 200ml/6.7 fl.oz

    £ 15.00
  • Lift Performance is an essential day cream from the age of 40. By the combined action of its concentrated active ingredients, this high-performance cream firms your skin, makes it more supple and visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Day by day, Lift Performance restores the radiance of your youth.  Mature Skin Jar 50 ml/1.7 fl.oz

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